Lyndhurst, NJ


Lyndhurst was founded in 1917, originally a part of Rutherford that voted to become its own township. The first know families were of Dutch origin, but later when the railroads came through in 1872, Polish immigrants began to arrive for work. Some Italian families from New York settled in Lyndhurst buying small plots of land for crops. Irish and German families came into town for more jobs as the farm industry and other small shops opened up with the growing populations. Schools and houses were built to accommodate the growing number of people. By 1960, the population was 21,867. The Meadowlands Development Corporation was established in 1968, creating more business. The diverse town is now considered a "country" town with a friendly "hometown" atmosphere.

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Lyndhurst Demographics

Population: 21,719

Zip code: 07071

Median Family income: 71,329

Median House Value: 398,000

Median resident age: 41 years

Lyndhurst Town Website: CLICK HERE

Lyndhurst Listing Stats

Lowest price: $1,600

Highest price: $1,399,000

Average price: $358,158

Number of listings: 51